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Corporate Hampers

Unique tailor-made gifts for corporate events such as golf classics, race days and raffle prizes.

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Our Products

Terryglass Treats Hampers and Products are manufactured and designed “with you in mind” and are tailored to the needs of the client. All our products are sourced locally where possible, and the fertile countryside of North Tipperary lends itself to the produce of healthy fruit and vegetables, the taste of which is captured in our products. In our product range we have chutneys, marinades, cordials, grape jelly, cherries in brandy and a cranberry and port sauce.

Black Currant/Red Currant Cordial

    Ideal as:
  • a mixer or
  • on its own over ice

Cherries in Brandy

    Ideal with:
  • Friends, Guests or Just treat yourself

Cranberry & Port

    Ideal with:
  • Roast Turkey
  • Baked Ham
  • Cold Meats,
  • Sandwiches

Figs in Conserve

    Ideal with:
  • A toasted bagel
  • Roast Duck
  • Cheese & Crackers

Tomato & Mint Chutney

    Ideal with:
  • Hot or cold meats
  • Burgers
  • Toasted Sandwiches
  • To add a little zing to salads and Cold plates

Grape Jelly

    Ideal with:
  • Hot buttered toast/ Bagel
  • Game
  • Ham
  • Cheese & Crackers


    Ideal with:
  • With beef, chicken, pork and lamb